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Scarborough Auto Dealers

My wife and I are older and wiser now and we have learned from our negative car buying experience at Toronto Dodge when we were younger. We don’t take crap from anyone these days, especially car dealers.

After several years of being loyal Ford customers, it was time for a change and we wanted to look at buying an import model. We drove a mini-van for years as our sons were growing and travel comfort was important. We also had a second, smaller vehicle that my wife drove to work. The lease on my wife’s car would expire first followed by the lease on my mini-van less than a year later.

Part one of the hunt was to replace my wife’s Ford Focus. We went to Donway Ford first to see the latest models and give them a chance to woo us back. Their effort was lacklustre considering our years of loyalty and it was clear in our minds they would not be an option.

Within a short distance of Donway Ford you can walk or drive to several dealers on Eglinton Avenue East in Toronto. Our next stop was Scarborough Toyota which was right across the street from Donway Ford. It was a Saturday and the dealership was busy. We walked around the showroom looking at various models and no salesperson approached us. We went to the front desk and to ask for assistance. A salesperson appeared and said we would have to wait for the next available time slot and that he could only spend about 15 minutes with us.

That was good enough for us to head for the exit doors. It’s not like he was apologetic or anything. It sounded more like it would be our privilege to stick around and buy a car from him when he’s available. Scarborough Toyota was quickly crossed off the list.

Next stop was Scarborough Nissan. I can’t say anything negative about the dealership; we just didn’t like the look of their vehicles in our price range.

A few days later we visited Scarborough Mazda on Lawrence Avenue East. By this time, we had seen enough car dealers and were waiting to be swept off our feet by a smooth-talking salesperson. However, we weren’t going to tolerate any short sightedness like Donway Ford, or arrogance like Scarborogh Toyota either. My wife and I agreed beforehand that the minute we get a bad vibe from a salesperson, we’re walking out.

We sat down with a salesperson and were straight forward with our buying history and intentions. I told him we have driven Ford Vehicles for twelve years and wanted to purchase an import brand for the first time. We were looking for the right deal on a vehicle, assuring the salesperson we will always come back for more in the future.

We expressed an interest in the Mazda 3 at a different dealership and already knew the basics. After all the formalities, we asked the sales person for a price. He stated the price and then we countered with $1,500 less. Based on his reaction you would think we just tried to steal his wallet. He became visibly agitated and proceeded to tell us that “We don’t compete with Ford”. Simultaneously my wife and I stood up, said “Thank you for your time” and headed for the exit. You could see the stunned look on his face as if he was thinking “How dare you walk away from me?”

His statement about not competing with Ford was so arrogant. Just because Mazda is a Japanese manufacturer and often compared with Toyota and Honda, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t compete with Ford too. Whether he likes it or not, the mere fact we mentioned our history with Ford means he’s competing with Ford!

We ended up buying a Mazda 3 but not from Scarborough Mazda. One of the first stops in the hunt for a car was Gyro Mazda in Leaside. The salesperson was helpful, courteous and low pressure. We did a test drive; he gave us the sales pitch and he patiently answered all our questions. We told him we were shopping around and he encouraged us to come back when we were ready. He left us with a good impression and it ended up being the basis for which all other auto dealers would be judged.

That was over 10 years ago and my wife has been very happy with her Mazda 3.