Goodlife Fitness

Goodlife Fitness

Before I get into my bad tales about Goodlife, I bring to your attention their bad taste when it comes to collecting payment for membership fees. When you sign up with Goodlife, their preferred method of payment is automatic withdrawals from your bank account every month. The reason they do this is to make it difficult to get your money back if you cancel your membership. Once they have access to your bank account, they can still withdraw money from your account while they “process” your cancellation. If you are having a dispute with Goodlife, they will continue to withdraw money and good luck getting any of it back.

There’s a reason Goodlife doesn’t let you pay monthly by credit card. If you cancel your membership, you can call the credit card issuing bank anytime and tell them you no longer authorize Goodlife to charge payments to your credit card. Your bank must comply to your request and they will issue a charge back to Goodlife.

Once you sign up for Goodlife’s preauthorized withdrawals, they will split your monthly membership fee into two separate withdrawals from your account. If you attempt to stop payment, the banking fee alone could equal the payment amount you are trying to avoid in the first place. Many people will just let it go, continue paying and not renew when the year is up. That’s exactly what Goodlife is counting on because they have your money and don’t care whether you show up to the gym.
I have a couple of bad tales about their customer service. In 2011 my wife’s company moved to a new office building where the Parkwood Goodlife is located. The building landlord offered a free membership for all employees and a discounted membership for spouses. I used this spousal discount and joined the Goodlife Victoria Terrace location which is closer to our home.

A few months into my membership, Goodlife had a promotion offering all its members three sessions with a fitness trainer for $99. I figured it was worth it since I don’t know how to train properly with weights. I signed up for the offer and had my first session with a trainer. He interviewed me to help understand my fitness goals and current exercise regimen. Once I told him I was physically active with basketball and karate, and only looking for the three weight training lessons, he lost interest. He decided he wasn’t going to make enough money off me so he tuned out. He showed me a few basic weight training techniques and that was it for the first session. We made an appointment for the next session a couple of days later and he never showed up. He didn’t even call me to cancel. I was not impressed.

I sent a complaint to Goodlife’s head office by email. It didn’t take long for the manager from the Victoria Terrace location to contact me. He apologized for the way I was abandoned by the trainer. He assigned a new trainer who was quite attentive and I received my two remaining sessions as expected.

I eventually let my membership lapse as my wife no longer works for the company and the spousal discount no longer applied.

In the fall of 2016 I was looking to restart my membership. I just retired from karate training and wanted to replace it with a different physical activity. I added another night of playing basketball and thought I should revisit weight training too. It just so happens when I purchased a new pair of basketball shoes at SportChek, I received a coupon for a one month free membership at Goodlife that expired on December 3rd.

Being a procrastinator, I waited until it was December 5th before I realized the coupon had expired. I took it to the Goodlife Victoria Terrace location and asked the attendant “Would you still accept this coupon even though it’s two days late?” and without hesitation he said “No”. He didn’t even ask me if I was thinking of joining. Had he asked, I would have told him I wanted to rejoin with this coupon and I would have paid on the spot. Instead he let me get away and walk out the door. It’s obvious to me that Goodlife doesn’t teach basic selling skills to their employees.

Because of their bungling, my wife and I joined LA Fitness which has a location only ten minutes from our home.
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